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How did I meet Wayne Gretzky

25 years ago “The Trade” was completed.  Wayne Gretzky at the height of his hockey career  was moved from Edmonton Oilers to Los Angeles Kings.  Canadian national hero was playing in Canada no more.  He found out of this decision a few hours after winning Stanley Cup in 1988 from his father, who was aware

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The concept of enough

A few years ago, at the heyday of our professional efficiency and high reimbursement for open heart surgery, I had a conversation with one of my fellow cardiac surgeons.  We talked how much we enjoyed this specialty and all the perks coming with it.  At the certain point we came to discuss our financial situation

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Place of doctors in society

Some men wrest a living from nature  and with their hands; this is called work. Some men wrest a living from those who wrest a living from nature and with  their hands: this is called trade. Some men wrest a living from those who wrest a living from those who wrest a living from nature

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Live like you will die tomorrow, learn like you will live forever. Mahatma Ghandi My Father was a highly positioned corporate lawyer in Poland.  My Mother finished her elementary education in a two room school  in a deep country.  Then she moved to Warsaw and immediately enrolled to high school there.  Starting day was September

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This is my first new post and I was looking for the best way to introduce myself. I thought that a good way would be  to be interviewed by somebody who knows me well.  Since no one volunteered, I decided to conduct an interview with myself. Here we go  (WSN are my initials). Me: Why

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