Pals Forever


All Dr. Jack Murano wants is to have a happy family.

But is it possible when they don’t know about his father being in prison for murder? The dire need to reveal his painful past finally comes to him during the frightening malpractice lawsuit filed against Murano by his close friend. The monster of alcohol, the main reason his father is in jail, heavily hangs over both of them, luring even his son, Mike.

Dr. Murano suddenly realizes his family’s wellbeing, his professional integrity, and personal health all are in stake. He fears that because of his past, three generations of Muranos will be damned, and his family, he was working to foster the entire adult life, will crumble.

The story is set in sunny Southern California, with an eventful trip to North Carolina. It’s also about how heavily the personal life can affect a surgeon’s performance in the operating room. The entire plot is woven around the whodunit mystery of a crime committed during surgery performed by Dr. Murano.

But the overarching theme of this novel is about the unbreakable bond of father-son blood ties, ties which last forever.

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