Hockey game

PNC arena was noisy and very cold. When we came in only a couple hundred of people showed up. Our jerseys with Ben’s name on them brought us an instant attention. There were three of us, but neither had a home team logo on. Bonnie, my wife, Chris , my son and myself we all had sweaters from teams Ben played for in past. We were definitely out of place and it was obvious.

“Chris” we were walking down the aisle, “just watch how many people will stop us a ask questions and make comments”. Bonnie was more reserved, but Chris and I were looking for attention and excitement.

On the way to our seats I stopped at the small podium where NHL cameramen were situated.

“Look over there” I pointed to our seats, “you will see three jerseys with Scrivens’ name on them. Can you see these?”. “I can’t, my angle is bad. But I will let my partner know. He is on the other side of the Arena and has much better view.” “Good” I was coming down to join two other Scrivens’ jerseys already sitting down.

I wanted to post picture of us on Twitter and ask Jen to retweet it. She is in Edmonton watching the game, is very active in social media and has several thousand followers. Tweet will go viral. It will be fun to watch.

I looked around for a younger person sitting close to us, so I don’t have to explain how to use the phone camera. I  typed something about Ben’s natural history in NHL with three different teams. Posting was a snap and I texted Jen to let her know.

Ben was on the ice, but did not pay any attention to us waving to him. He had to concentrate before the game..

Chris and I were aware of his situation and team problems. Oilers were at the bottom of the standings and he didn’t do particularly well in two previous games. Ben was competing for a #1 goalie position so tonight was a must do well game. Their job could be easier, particularly because local team traveled late last night. It was fun discussing hockey with my son since he was quite accomplished player himself in our time in California.

I looked to my left and saw a young woman just getting to seat next to me. “Hi” she was holding a large notepad,”my name is Nancy and I was send to talk to you by my TV producer. May I?”.

“But of course. What can I do for you?”.It was getting more and more interesting.

“Are you Ben’s parents?”.

“Parents in law. He is married to our daughter”

Then there came these usual questions about what do we do, where do we live and why here in Chapel Hill. We gave usual answers, that we are retired, I was trained here, we love to be in the area with three big universities and we enjoying being around young people. And no, we didn’t move here to follow our children and there are no grandchildren. Yet.

Then Nancy said thank you and she disappeared.

I looked on my phone . My Twitter account was lighting up. Messages were popping one after another. I stopped counting after 200.Then Jen called from Edmonton. “I just saw you guys on the national TV!”.


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