The Resurrections, Man and His Dog

Just imagine.

Imagine yourself climbing a steep mountain. You start from the sea level and see this shiny structure on a hilltop. You could be in Italy and you see the castle. Let’s say, you are in San Marino, Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino. And you now face the fortress Guaita on top of Mount Titano.

You are not that young and the biggest accomplishments of your life are behind you. But you still have a life to live, enough mental power to create and strong enough stamina to pursue your dream. And you think you are healthy enough to climb that mountain.

But your path is not just a simple walk. You have to learn geography, have comfortable shoes and find trusted companions on your trip. You don’t know the language and have to learn how to ask for directions and how to read the signs.The path is perilous, but each time you have doubts you look up and the view of the mountaintop castle reinvigorates you and your grail seems to be closer and closer.

Finally, you get there. Your body is exhausted, but your mind euphoric. You look around and the view is heart-stopping.

You are tired, but it’s a “good tired.” You feel like a surgeon after spending all night in the operating room and his patient, who came dying of the ruptured aortic aneurysm, is now stable, resting in the ICU. Or even better, like a Roman commander coming from the successful conquest and greeting the welcoming crowds with his pugio raised.

So the book is finished. Here is the front cover.

And here is the story.

Dr. Jack Murano, a prominent cardiac surgeon, is approaching his retirement. After spending thirty years in the operating room and handling many high-pressure cases, he can’t make the transition to the next stage of his life. Murano realizes that he has no other interests and doesn’t know what to do, except to take care of his patients. All the years of the commitment to the hospital work leave him estranged from his family. His children don’t come back after college, his wife finally asks for the separation. Only his dog remains faithful and the only companion. Drinking, carefully hidden during his entire professional life, now becomes a factor and Jack’s surgical career ends up in a disaster. Facing the loss of his beloved dog after a car accident, Dr. Murano is brought to the brink.

Then a miracle happens, and another, and yet another.

The story is about the resurrections and how people, and animals, do help each other in dire circumstances.

And about never giving up.



The book is not available yet, and, if interested, I will keep you posted.

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