Roundup, trip to Auschwitz

Last night I pressed the ‘enter’ key and the short story ‘Trip to Auschwitz’ appeared on Kindle. It’s the second in a series of three. The first and the third are being edited. Seems odd, but it is what it is. Some people like short stories since it is easier to find thirty minutes of time to read my story than several months for ‘Anna Karenina’ (what a comparison!… but I like it).

The story is fictional, but based on the events told to me by my mother. My father never mentioned any of those harrowing events to me, as if he wanted to block them from his memory. I was too young to remember anything but some of the circumstances are known to me

I bet any family, which lived through the horror of this war, has stories to tell and the reason for telling them, or not. I write them, because I want my children to know. They have to realize, that they didn’t just appear in this world out of a vacuum, that there was a rich life before they were born and that their parents and grandparents participated in this life. And there are also stories to tell. And some of them quite dramatic. If the children know their heritage, know the events in the life of their parents, they will easier understand why parents make certain decisions the way they do. We certainly lived longer, saw more and have more material to draw our conclusion from.

I hope the kids will read it. If not now, maybe later on in life.

And one more thing. You don’t have to have a physical Kindle device to read it. Kindle app on your computer, tablet, or even phone will do. You just need an Amazon account.

Hope you will like it. And if you will, please let me know and post a review on Amazon.

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