Fighting the Devil

Alcohol drinking in the family is a curse. Alcohol drinking in three generations leads to damnation.

Dr. Jack Murano tries to prevent his son, Mike, from becoming a third-generation alcoholic. Starting from a seemingly innocent sip of champagne drank from an ice hockey trophy, through peer pressure during the high school parties, and drinking through the wild college years, Dr. Murano saw it all, since he went through the same stages himself. Now he will do anything to prevent Mike from retracing his steps. But he’s losing the fight with his son’s merciless addiction.

Finally, at the ends of his mental and physical powers of understanding and tolerance, he throws his beloved son out of his house, the move which is going to weigh heavily on the Muranos’ fate as a family. The line he wishes he’d never crossed.

Fighting the Devil is the next book in the Dr. Murano series. After Pals Forever, and before The Resurrections, it is the missing link in the Saga, helping understand better what had happened during the 20 years between the first and the second volume of my trilogy. A short story, Fighting the Devil, explains the tragic, dramatic and eventful moments in the Muranos life.

To be published soon.

If you read Pals Forever, and planning to read The Resurrections, Fighting the Devil is a must-read book.

You will be moved.

2 thoughts on “Fighting the Devil”

  1. I am looking forward to reading this book, Fighting the Devil. Alcoholism can be a family curse.
    Both my grandfathers were alcoholics and they died from stomach cancer. Fortunately, my
    father set down some absolute rules about drinking and my paternal grandmother told me
    that she prayed for all her grandchildren. Even when I was trying to escape the horrors of
    Vietnam with hard liquor (151 proof rum) it I stopped and said enough. I took my last drink
    50 years ago. Life is too short and fragile to waste time as well as money on a downward
    spiral that leads to an early death. Keep up the good work!

  2. Fighting the Devil sounds akin to my own battle with another evil: drugs. I can’t wait to see how successful men dealt with and undefeated that devil. As we both know, it is a battle that is once won is a victory that is not easily surrendered. Thanks for letting us into battlefield among successful doctors. Go to it!

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