Stories from the Heart as Told by a Cardiac Surgeon

Medical fiction lovers will delight in the writings of Dr. Witold Niesluchowski, a cardiac surgeon, turned author. His stories give readers a unique view into the life of a heart surgeon, as told through the fictional character of Dr. Jack Murano. Woven throughout this trilogy are themes of love, loss, family, forgiveness, redemption, and above all, never giving up. 

About the Author

Witold Niesluchowski is an accomplished cardiac surgeon who traded his scalpel for a pen (well, actually, a keyboard) in 2012.  Today, he writes fiction that draws on 30 years of experience in the inner sanctum of the operating room. The stories he tells will raise the hair on the back of your neck, especially when you realize that much of it is inspired by real events.

The Early Years

Witold Niesluchowski’s life began in Warsaw, Poland at the end of WWII. In his youth, he studied the violin and graduated with honors from music school. 

Medical School

Niesluchowski attended Warsaw Medical School. As a med student, he played volleyball for elite clubs and won two national championships back-to-back.  He was also named MVP. He earned his MD in 1967, and was invited to join the surgery faculty.

A New Life in the U.S.

In 1975, Niesluchowski made the bold move to leave the comfort of Warsaw and further his medical education in the U.S. His residency in Charlotte, NC sparked an interest in cardiovascular surgery and launched a 30-year career performing countless cardiac surgeries, serving as president of the American Heart Association in Ventura, and becoming Chief of Staff at St. John’s Hospital and Medical Center in Oxnard, CA. He was named Physician of the Year in 2012.

Family Life and Writing

A devoted family man, Niesluchowski has been married to his wife Bonnie for 40 years. They have four grown children. In 2013, they moved from California to Chapel Hill, NC to begin retirement.  It was also the start of another new chapter for Niesluchowski, this time as a writer (in his second language, no less). He is a true dog lover who dedicated his second book to Bentley, his golden retriever and constant companion. Bonnie is okay with that, because he wisely dedicated his first book to her.

To date, Niesluchowski has written two of the books in the Dr. Jack Murano trilogy, three short stories, four Roundup books, and over 100 blog posts.

If you are interested in having him share and discuss his work at your book club or book store, leave a message on his contact form.

The fundamental purpose of stories is to help us live our lives.

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