A man on the brink is blessed with a true miracle.


"Painfully honest and often frightening.

The Resurrections unveils the man behind the surgeons mask."


Dr. Jack Murano, a prominent heart surgeon, is approaching a critical decision of his life. Years spent at the operating table and limitless devotion to his patients left him estranged from the family. He expelled his son out of the family home for drinking, his daughter didn’t come back after college, and wife moved out and filed for separation. Only the dog remains his faithful and yet a solitary companion.

Murano knows the retirement is coming but he’s unable to make the transition to his third trimester of life. The monster of alcohol addiction, carefully kept at bay during his entire professional life, offers temporary, but costly relief. Not being able to cope with all the mounting problems, his drinking gets better of Murano. He doesn’t show up in the emergency room and the patient dies. That in turn gets him ejected from his hospital medical staff. Facing the loss of beloved dog after a horrific car accident, with nobody left in his household, Murano is brought to the brink.

Then a miracle happens. And another. And yet another.

The story is about resurrections and how people, and animals, help each other in dire circumstances.

And about never giving up.