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After a thirty-plus year career as a cardiac surgeon in California, I decided to retire and moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where I live now with my wife Bonnie and golden retriever Bentley. Following many years spent in the operating room, I discovered my new passion—writing.


The Resurrections

Dr. Jack Murano, a prominent cardiac surgeon, is approaching his retirement. After spending thirty years in the operating room and handling many high pressures cases, he can’t make the transition to the next stage of his life. Murano realizes that he has no other interests and doesn’t know what to do besides taking care of his patients.

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To Hell and Back

While watching a spectacular sunset from the cliff in California, Dr. Jack Murano’s phone rings. It’s his long-estranged son, Luke, who calls from the ER in Read More

Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. He is bleeding and was told he has cancer. There is no time to ask about the details, and after “I need you, Dad” – in a few hours, Jack is on the plane to Miami. There he finds Luke tucked in the corner of a typical overcrowded and understaffed inner-city hospital. There is no way he would leave his son there and hastily arranges for a transfer to Duke Hospital in Durham. Despite traveling coast-to-coast all the previous night, Jack signs Luke from the ER and drives with him close to nine hundred miles north to Durham in North Carolina. On the way, they will have an out-of-this-world detour they’ll never forget. The story is about a father’s unwavering commitment to his son, parental support, and the deadly battles with addiction. The unlimited and unconditional fatherly love can overcome any obstacles, no matter how wide and how deep. The author based the first part of this story on Goethe’s “The Erlking,” about a supranatural being stealing a little boy from the arms of his terrified father. The second – on Ovid’s “Aeneid” describing Aeneas visiting the underworld and meeting his father.


Allegro Tempestoso​

A dramatic day in a life of a cardiac surgeon, Dr. Jack Murano. The cardiologist persuades him to operate on the patient, who, in a surgeon’s     Read More

opinion, is too sick to go through the procedure. Expecting all kinds of complications, Murano assembles his best operating team and asks the best assistant for help in a harrowing surgery. Despite a technically flawless operation, they cannot wean the patient off the cardiopulmonary bypass and Murano is ready to pronounce him dead on the operating table. Then a miracle happens, and help comes from the least expected source. All this creates a life-changing experience in Murano’s life. If you want to know what is going on in the operating room after the patient goes to sleep — this story is for you.


Kate’s Wedding

After years of estrangement, Dr. Jack Murano was asked to walk his daughter down the aisle during her wedding. He sees it as an honor and a great Read More

chance for reconciliation with Kate. She sees it as a chance to reconcile with her father, whose drinking caused the family to fall apart. Unfortunately, he can’t control his habit and their carefully planned and long-anticipated father-daughter dance ends up in a disaster. Murano ends up at the bottom. Is it as low as he can go?

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