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After a thirty-plus year career as a cardiac surgeon in California, I decided to retire and moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where I live now with my wife Bonnie and golden retriever Bentley. Following many years spent in the operating room, I discovered my new passion—writing.

Drama in the Operating Theater

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Pals Forever

All Dr. Jack Murano wants is to have a happy family.

But is it possible when they don’t know about his father being in prison for murder? The dire need to reveal his painful past finally comes to him during the frightening malpractice lawsuit filed against Murano by his close friend. The monster of alcohol, the main reason his father is in jail, heavily hangs over both of them, luring even his son, Mike.

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Dr. Murano suddenly realizes his family’s wellbeing, his professional integrity, and personal health all are in stake. He fears that because of his past, three generations of Muranos will be damned, and his family, he was working to foster the entire adult life, will crumble.

The story is set in sunny Southern California, with an eventful trip to North Carolina. It’s also about how heavily the personal life can affect a surgeon’s performance in the operating room. The entire plot is woven around the whodunit mystery of a crime committed during surgery performed by Dr. Murano.

But the overarching theme of this novel is about the unbreakable bond of father-son blood ties, ties which last forever.


Drama in the Operating Theater

You were told you need an open-heart surgery. After going through a lot of physical suffering and losing many nights to mental wrangling, you’ve decided on a surgeon who will operate on your heart. You’ve done your internet research and asked friends for the recommendations. Finally, you’ve decided and your diligence paid off. You are comfortable with the choice.

Or that’s what you think.

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After a sleepless night, you are lying on the gurney, expecting to see the surgeon in the waiting area before they’ll put you to sleep. Suddenly, a thought comes to you. Who is my surgeon, really? Is he a good person? How’s he treating his wife? Is he a good parent? Is there any drama in his household which would affect his decision-making and his performance under stress? What about the possibility that his wife just told him she’s leaving, and it blindsided him? What about him just finding out from the doctor that his chest X-ray showed a tumor and now he, the surgeon, will need a biopsy?

Then you remember your friend, a nurse in the operating room, telling you all these stories about the drama and things which happen during the surgery. Does he scream? Curse? Throws the instruments? If so, will this behavior impact the results of my surgery? She also told you that people do die it the operating room.

After the procedure, the surgeon comes in, smiles, and asks if you have any questions. He looks good, sounds confident, and you are relieved. But still…

How much do you want to be a fly on the impeccably clean wall in the OR and watch him handling the possible storm?

If you wonder what is going on in the operating room after they put you to sleep, this story is for you.




The Roundup

Staszek, a soon graduating law student, met teenage Iza after they both moved to Warsaw from their small villages near the Polish capital. They came there to better their lives, but the immediate goal was to continue their education. In the summer of 1939, Staszek had only one course left before graduating, and Iza just enrolled to the high school. In the early morning of September 1, the Germans invaded Poland, and their young lives in a matter of hours turned upside down.

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Staszek and Iza lost their innocence when both were pitched against the brutality of the attackers. They got married and had a little baby boy. While scrambling to survive in the besieged city, anticipating the end of war, the fate pitched them against yet another outburst of violence. During World War II, the Warsaw Uprising was the single largest military effort to oppose German occupation. 

A young group of Polish fighters didn’t get any help from the Russians stationed just across the river, and the Germans slaughtered the youth, and did so with much of the citizenry of Warsaw. Then the invaders intensified terror. While on his way from work, the Germans picked Staszek up in a roundup on a street in Warsaw, and in a cattle car sent him to Auschwitz. But after the divine intervention, Staszek did survive and could tell the story.

The Roundup is a collection of stories about how the ordinary people survived the carnage of war and helped each other in the face of murderous oppressors, and what they did to resist the ruthless invaders trying to tell them how to live their lives.

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