Best Songs for Sons and Daughters on Father’s Day, part 4

Third place.

Just the two of us… by Will Smith.

The rather generic song, written by William Salter, was popularized by Washington Grover. Will Smith made it into a rap, and sang about a special bond between father and son. The sacred bond.

In the video, Smith takes his son to work, which is a movie set. There he sings about the unique relationship between the two of them.

It reminded of taking my sons to the hospital while making weekend rounds. To this day, we still talk about some details. The uplifting and the embarrassing ones. And about ice cream in the hospital cafeteria.

From the first time the doctor placed you in my arms

For Smith, it was a love from the first sight and from the first touch.

I, too, cherish the moment of seeing them first, even before their mother.

Always tell the truth, say your prayers
Hold doors, pull out chairs, easy on the swears
You’re living proof that dreams do come true
I love you, and I’m here for you

Here’s Will Smith version.

And here the original, smooth song by Grover Washington.

Happy Father’s Day.


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  • I remember hearing this Bill Withers song back in the 80’s before I met
    a lady I met in 1989. We had 4 years of marriage and yesterday marks
    29 years since cancer stole her away. Two years before she brought
    forth our son who is now 31.


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