Book launch; The Resurrections, Man and His Dog


Image yourself starting a new career after the retirement. From scratch. Tabula rasa. In a different country. Using the language you were not born into. With the help of technology developed after you decided to end your lifelong calling.

There are many components to becoming a writer. The first prerequisite is to have something to write about. The big advantage of beginning to write so late in life is to witness many things happen during life. You just have to be a good observer.

My big moment came. “The Resurrections, Man and His Dog” has been published. It took two years to write but included many more years of watching life as a surgeon, father, dog lover and, finally, an author.

The story is about a surgeon who doesn’t know how, or maybe doesn’t want, to retire. He still thinks that he was made to be a doctor for life. This comes at the expense of his family, his health and finally, it becomes a threat to his life. At the end, when Dr. Jack Murano thinks he’s all by himself, he finds two unconditional friends: his dog and a young man with Down syndrome. They bring him back to the normal life. His life has been resurrected. And that’s not the only resurrection pictured in the book.

The story is about the love of his profession, the love of his family, and the unique bond between a man and his dog. It’s about a devilish, wicked addiction to alcohol. And about not giving up. Ever.

The book is not about cheap romance, sex, obscenities, blood, and gore. The story revolves around the operating table, not the autopsy table. The facts are fifty-percent true. It’s up to the reader to decide what had happened and what is made up.

For me, the biggest reward will be not as much when someone buys the book, but when the person reads it. I see it as an honor when an unknown reader spends several hours of his or her life following the story. Even more when he likes it. And the biggest reward is writing an honest review on Amazon.

Here is the link to my book and a page to post your review.

The Resurrections, Man and His Dog

A word about the cover.

I design my covers myself and have Ashley from Redbird Designs translate it into the communicative language of pixels. Single mother to her son, Riley, Ashley is a dream to work with, and her covers are brilliant.

Thank you, Ashley.

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