By witold niesluchowski

The Resurrections


Dr. Jack Murano, a prominent cardiac surgeon, is approaching his retirement. After spending thirty years in the operating room and handling many high pressures cases, he can’t make the transition to the next stage of his life. Murano realizes that he has no other interests and doesn’t know what to do besides taking care of his patients.

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Fathers and Sons

Never has a book shared so much insight into the deep bonding a father shares with his son. Once you begin you will not be able to put it down.

Allegro Tempestoso

A dramatic day in a life of cardiac surgeon, Dr. Jack Murano. If you want to know what is going on in the operating room after the patient goes to sleep – this story is for you.

Roundup, The Picture

In a deep corner of the old drawer, he found browned shoebox with two rubber bands holding the top down. On its side, the box had a yellowed sticker with ‘BLACK AND WHITE’ written with a broad, dark pencil. 

Roundup, Trip To Auschwitz

The Warsaw uprising was just brutally crushed by ruthless German troops. Staszek, a young Pole, during the afternoon rush hour, is being picked up by Germans in the roundup to be taken away. He doesn’t know if he goes to work on German farm or is being sent to Auschwitz.

Roundup, The Infectiois Disease Hospital

After his miraculous escape from the train on the outskirts of Auschwitz, Staszek finally got home. There he found his family struggling with the reality of the brutal German occupation, but overjoyed to see him. But soon he was confronted with an austere reality of living in the tightly controlled society. 

Roundup, Coming Home

After getting the incredible chance to escape from the train a few miles from Auschwitz, Staszek faced another obstacle. The Germans retained his Ausweis. Not having the proper ID could easily get you arrested, to say the least.

Roundup, Trip To Auschwitz

Imagine yourself as a sixteen-year-old girl coming from a small village on the outskirts of Warsaw to the big metropolis. You overflow with hope for a bright future. You are ambitious and determined to make the best out of the young, budding life. The change in living conditions is enormous, but you can handle it.

Kate’s Wedding

After years of estrangement, Jack was asked to walk his daughter down the aisle during her wedding with Nick. He sees it as an honor and a great chance for reconciliation with Kate. She sees it as an opportunity for her father, whose drinking contributed to walking away from his life. Unfortunately, he can’t control his habit and their father-daughter dance ends up in a disaster.

To Hell and Back

While watching a spectacular sunset from the cliff in California, Dr. Jack Murano’s phone rings. It’s his long-estranged son, Luke, who is in the ER in Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. He is bleeding and was told he has cancer. There is no time to ask about the details and after “I need you, Dad” ––in a few hours, Jack is on the plane to Miami. There he finds Luke in the midst of a typical overcrowded and understaffed inner-city hospital.