Peter Attia’s ‘Outlive’, a User’s Manual to Life

We all want to live forever. But we also know that our lives in the third trimester won’t be as joyful and carefree like in our first. And not that healthy like in our second.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Peter Attia’s monumental book explains how to have a long and satisfying last decades of our lives.

Peter Attia is not a guru. But to me, he’s a genius. And I don’t lightly put people on the pedestal.

Highly educated, still practicing physician, Attia made his career in guiding people how to live their lives. I came across his way of thinking 2 years ago, and immediately became a member of his community. And never looked back.

His 2-3 hour podcasts are loaded with detailed discussion about all the aspects of human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, exercise mechanics and pathophysiology, nutrition, sleep pathology, to name just a few. All these backed by exhausting footnotes with the most recent scientific assessment. And with the analysis of the results. So extensive, that I, with all my medical background, often have difficulties following. And all these come with explanation how to read and assess the scientific studies. Truly amazing.

Like all the revolutionary ideas, great concepts come with simple explanations. Einstain’s E=mc2, Copernical planetary systems, Linnaeus’ classification of plants, Mendeleev’s table of elements. All these scientists combined an enormous body of data and came up with simple explanations. And I do not think twice putting Peter Attia up there. What did he do?

He came up with the way not only to make our lives longer, but also the most enjoyable in the last decades.

There are two components: diet and exercise. That’s it. Simple?

But to find out how to do it, and why, you have to read the book.

But the best part – they are both free. FREE! They just require knowledge. That’s all. And life-long commitment.

No medications, no surgery, no weird lifestyle changes.

Diet and exercise.

I planned to give the book to each of my children. I wanted it to come with a handwritten note. ‘With your mother, we gave you life and the body. The book is the instruction manual’.

But often people don’t read gifted books. So, if the kids are motivated enough, they can get it themselves. It will be a better chance they will read it.

And for all of us, the best present will be to spend Christmas together.


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