The evolution of the book cover

A few weeks ago, I was ready to push the button and publish “The Resurrections.”  My biggest work so far.  The front cover was done, and I’ve sent the text for final proofreading.

Then I saw an iconic photo of Mugu Rock by Eric Zumstein. Breathtaking.

After reading my novel, the reader will appreciate how important to the storyline is that point on PCH.

Eric was great and let me acquire the rights to his work. Thanks, Eric.

So, the cover was re-designed, and I am much happier now.

Getting this book is worth it if only to look at this image.

Since “The Resurrections”, the second part of the Jack Murano trilogy, is coming soon, I am substantially lowering the Amazon price of the first part, “Fathers and Sons.”

Foreshadowing: I’m more than halfway through the third part of the trilogy.

The working title is “Shekherezada.”

I will finish it, hopefully within one year.

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