I am back!

It’s been close to six months since my last post. It was not a time of inactivity, just the opposite. I was working on my first novel. It’s almost done, only last revisions and polishing has to be completed. And then send it to the world. Very exciting and fun.

The process of writing was entirely new to me. Starting with new intricacies of the language, choice of story, plotting, characters and so on. There will be a slew of posts about it. It was, and still is, a lot of fun learning and using an entirely new set of skills. I am even thinking of putting a few chapters on my blog and seeing the response.

Meanwhile, my blog didn’t die! I have viewers (hopefully readers) from more than 70 countries. Of course the most are in the United States, but a runner-up is Brazil(.), then Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy and Poland.

So, thanks for reading so far and see you soon.

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