My Writing in the New Year 2022

Happy 2022 to all.

Despite all the surrounding defeatism, I greet 2022 with an unwavering optimism. At my age, I greatly appreciate each of them, and I’m ready to enjoy every one to the fullest. Each one is like a new baby––from the time it comes, you’re convinced it’s going to be the best. Then you work the butt off to make it up to your expectations. Some years do turn out that way, some of them don’t, but at least you have the clear consciousness you did the best job you could’ve done. And they are all still your babies.

For the last ten years, my biggest drive was writing, and the last one was no exception. Actually, 2021 was the best so far. The monster of Covid adjusted my view of the world, and changed the way I see every day of my life. The certain things became more important, many others interest me much less. Which left me with more time for writing. The idea of creation of something new, something which is your own, is energizing. This passion helps me to get up at 5 in the morning, make coffee for me and Bonnie, and turn on my Scrivener.

So, let 2022 be the best for all of us.

Next post will be about where I am in my writing.


  • Hey Vito. No need to ask how you’re doing. Your optimism says it all.
    You think you could bottle that optimism and send me a 6-pack?


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