My writings-short stories, part one.

Good writers borrow, great writers steal.

Oscar Wilde

It came to me that I can use my already published materials as a source for further writing.

I chose one, probably the most interesting chapter in each book, and developed it into a short story. Yes, I did steal them, but from myself. It felt like I took money from one pocket and put it in the other. So, here we have three books, and three short stories.

The first book, “Fathers and Sons” and the first story,”Allegro Tempestoso”.

You need surgery. After a lot of physical and mental wrangling, you’ve decided on a surgeon who will operate on your heart. You’ve done your internet research and asked your friends for their recommendations. The decision had been made, and your diligence paid off. You are comfortable with the choice. Or so you think.
You had a good night sleep, and now you’re expecting the surgeon in the waiting area before the procedure. Suddenly, a strange thought comes to you. Who my surgeon really is? Is he a good person? How is he treating his wife? Is he good to his children? Is there any drama in his household, and if true, will it impair his decision-making at the operating table? What about the possibility that his wife’ve just told him she is leaving, and he is blindsided? What about him just finding out from his doctor that his chest X-ray showed a tumor and now he, the surgeon, will need a biopsy?
Your surgeon comes, smiles and answers any questions you have. He looks good, sounds confident, and you’re relieved. But then you remember your friend, a nurse in the operating room, telling you all these stories about drama and things which happened during the surgery. Does he scream? Curse? Throw the instruments? If so, will this behavior impact the results of your surgery?
How much do you want to be a fly on the impeccably clean wall in the OR and watch him handling a possible storm while he rearranges your organs. Your friend, the scrub nurse, had told you it happens more often than you think.
If you wonder what is going on in the operating room after they put you to sleep, this story is for you.

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