Pals Forever, First Book in Trilogy of Murano Family Saga

Best Father’s Day present.

Dr. Jack Murano’s sole wish was to have a happy family.

But is it possible when his wife and children know nothing about the hidden past—about his father being in prison for murder?

Jack Murano is forced to share his difficult history when his friend sues him for malpractice, having been left paralyzed after heart surgery. The misfortune of a well-known community leader shakes the small county in Southern California.

With everybody’s attention now on Jack, he faces significant challenges in dealing with the scrutiny. The alcohol monster, that led to Jack’s father’s incarceration, is now haunting him and threatens to overtake his son, Mike.

Suddenly, Jack realizes that the family’s welfare, his professional reputation, and personal health, all are in grave danger. Throughout his entire adult life, Jack strived to build a perfect family. Now all his work can well fall apart, as he sees three generations of Muranos risking damnation. For Jack to save them, he has to solve the mystery of who committed a crime while he operated on his friend.

This story takes place in Southern California and includes a memorable trip to North Carolina. It also shows how a surgeon’s personal life, with all of its emotional rollercoaster, can affect their performance in the operating room.

The novel centers on a mystery of who did it.
The dominant theme, however, is the unbreakable bond of father-son flesh and blood ties.
And about the everlasting consequences of this unbounded connection.The Murano family saga is a trilogy, my opus magnum.

Book one, Pals Forever, has been just published, to be ready for Father’s Day. Here, Dr. Jack Murano establishes the strong bond with his son, Mike. The sacred bond. The book is now available on Amazon. Here’s the link:

Book two, The Resurrections, goes through the last stages of polishing. In the second part, Jack’s life crumbles. His family falls apart, and the most importantly, he loses the precious connection with Mike. The story ends up in a tragedy. Almost. Part two will be ready for Christmas.

Book three, The Eighteenth Camel, brings the entire family together, but at the cost of a cruel twist. The story is in a late stage of editing, to be published sometimes next year.

So, enjoy the first installment of Murano’s Family Saga. The best Father’s Day present.

I hope you’re half as eager as I am.

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  • Witold,
    Congratulations on publishing your first book in your trilogy. I look foreword to reading “Pals Forever”.
    PS. Nice cover artwork.


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