Where Is The Memory Stored?

In my previous post, I mentioned Paulo Coelho in By the River I Sat Down and Wept. The story was read by some as borrowed from the Hundredth monkey effect, originally described in the 1950s, and developed into a theory by Lyall Watson in the 1970s. It made a point that if an idea reaches a certain threshold––it takes off exponentially. The science of this principle was widely disputed, but sounded quite attractive.

But my take on the story is different. I am fascinated by how people communicate with each other. Speech, writings, smoke signals, that’s all great. But what about when they are separated by walls? Long distances? When don’t they even know where the other person is located? What about ESP? I know, I know, it was debunked. However, what if? Many of us have experienced these unexplained coincidences. Coincidences?

Going back to Coelho’s story. What if the two groups of monkeys on the islands, which were separated by the ocean, communicated through the air? Good enough. But what if all the information is stored in the air? In the ‘cloud’? That’s a novel concept. And going further, what about that: our brains are not the primary storage instruments for the memories? What about them being just receivers of information stored in the clouds? Like our computers? Sounds familiar? Getting closer?

I know it sounds crazy. But the science still doesn’t have a good explanation for the storage of our memories. Psychiatry claims to be a science, but, with all due respect, still spins its 19th century wheels. Neuroscience is getting better, but still doesn’t have a suitable tool to examine our brain, the most complicated organ in the universe.

Remember the corpuscular theory of matter? And then a wave theory of matter? So, matter or waves? Or is all this the same?

Don’t say ‘no’ before we have all the data. So many times people treat scientific theories as facts, whereas they only present our beliefs, our wishful thinking, only because they sound so good, and so obvious.

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  • Thought provoking. Our emotions are tweaked by experiences in life. They are the linkage between body and soul/spirit. Therefore, I think memories are stored in the soul/spirit. How else could I conclude from Bible scripture references that we will recognize those who have gone on before us and they us. God said that all our tears will be wiped away and remembrance of those sorrowful things in our earthly lives will be remembered no more so there must be a Holy Spirit cleansing of our memory banks in the spiritual/soulful ascension .


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