A difference between science and art

After I thought for a while, it made sense. If you can’t replicate the work and get the same outcome, then it’s not science. If you can replicate the work and get the same outcome, it’s not art. Seth Godin  

Life Lessons

The pessimist complains of the wind; The optimist expects it to change; The realist adjust the sails. William Arthur Ward

Evolution of a writer

Progression (or regression?) of a writer One starts as a writer. Then becomes a teacher. The next step is to be an editor. In the final stage you become a critic.

A Mentor

A mentor is a spirit with many faces. Find the one, who builds you up. Avoid the one who tears you down. The first type sees only problems. The second sees potential.

Getting Older

Getting older is raising from the ground up, seeing less details, but having better overview. When up, one suddenly realizes he’s at peace. High in space, there’s no noise, quiet and the air is cleaner. You see only important things.

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