Is it Good to Live to a 100? Life Span vs Health Span

Methuselah lived to be 969. After the first 100, I imagine, his life had to be miserable. All his peers were gone, and the poor fellow couldn’t find a person to sit in the town’s square and have a cup of coffee with.

Regardless of, at the certain point of life, we all either think, or desire to be immortal.

But is it good?

Being a 100 years old, and not able to take care of your basic needs, is not good. Not recognizing your wife is even worse. So, we want to live longer and be fit. And then die after the shortest possible malady. That is life span versus health span.

So, what’s fitness?

Let’s describe fitness as the ability to fulfill a particular role or task. And, since I’m turning 80 this year, I am interested in how to be fit at that age.

I am working on a cycle of blogs about my thoughts on fitness.

More to follow.

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  • There are so many factors to consider in the formula for longevity: environmental issues, personal attitude, diet, genetics, etc. I adopted the philosophy that we each get a variable warranty and the human heart comes with a limited number of beats. We get to choose where we spend those heartbeats.


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