My New World Symphony in ‘C’

Just something came to my mind.

When I arrived to this country, I first lived in Charlotte, in North Carolina.

To start my surgical internship and residency, I traveled to Cincinnati.

From there I moved to Columbia, which is in South Carolina.

Next for me was to go back to Charlotte, where I completed my cardiac fellowship.

After finishing all my training, I found a job in California. There I lived through my entire practice of cardiac surgery in Camarillo.

When I retired, we moved back East, to North Carolina. Here we live in Chapel Hill. So we are back in the Carolinas.

Isn’t this sweet or what?

Oh, and I forgot to tell you; I live in a Chatham County.

Here’s my last home. I’ve completed my New World Symphony in C.


  • Big smile here. You lived the big dream and now you are living another dream as a writer
    of all you have learned along the journey. In your writings I get to walk vicariously as I
    read. Thank you.

    • Are you traveling from C to shiny C? Or from Coast to Coast? You’re a funny man, Nick. Anxious to C you here.


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