Readers Appreciation Party Was a Big Success

Pals Forever is the first book in my trilogy about the life of Dr. Murano. First big chapter in the Murano family saga. And it deserved a proper send out into the real world of readers.

I thought we’ve accomplished our goal last Friday.

I named the book launch event a Readers Appreciation Party, and it became a community project.

I dedicated the book to my wife.

Martin Terrell opened the event. He’s a writer, a long-time friend, and also a neighbor.

Kathy Flood, a brilliant artist, created the cover image. She’s also a neighbor. Her website is

Diane Cashion did her part in creating images from the event. She is a professional photographer, and can be reached at

For the celebration, we used a community clubhouse in Encore, perfectly designed for the occasions like ours. And did I mention the local restaurant took care of catering? Breakaway café,, is a popular place in Briar Chapel where we all meet, often dropping in just for a coffee.

Oh, and Jennifer Marshburn from the local paper recorded the entire event, and promised to publish the report.

How cool is that?

Throughout my writing journey, I’ve heard many ideas on how to launch the first book. So many, that the task seemed overwhelming. But each author has to create the book sailaway which is unique to him and memorable for the audience. Like a debutante ball for a daughter. And I have two.

Martin’s introduction was humbling, and delivered with his signature wit. Kathy Flood described her process of creation. She doesn’t do book covers, but sounded enthusiastic about the process. Kathy introduced the models for her image: son-in-law Will, and grandson Liam. The little boy was a sensation.

I spoke about my background, my ideas for writing, and life in general. About the three trimesters of life, and about how to live your first two to have enjoyable the third one. And about my plans for the future.

The signing of Pals Forever crowned the event.

I expect a similar celebration for the second part of the trilogy, The Resurrections, sometime around Christmas.

See you the next time.


  • Bravo, Witold. I so enjoyed Pals Forever and look forward to part 2 of the Trilogy. Keep up the great work!

  • Great read! I’m so looking forward to the next two in this trilogy and of course, your future writing endeavors!!!

  • Congratulations. Looks like your party was a huge success. Best wishes. Sue

  • Witold, a book introduction event and you read excerpts from your laptop? Tradition, my friend–always from a dog-eared copy of the real thing!

    • We’re in the age of technology. And, BTW, I didn’t read the chapter. I read my manifesto. It was a future blog post explaining the reasons what, and why I write. The blueprint for my trilogy. You missed an exciting event, Nick.

  • Vito – you’ve heard of Soul Brothers, well, we have found one another. Knowing you has made me a better writer and a better man. Your production of the Pals Forever Book Appreciation Party was very well put together. Visually and emotionally the future of the trilogy has us all eager with anticipation. Great job, my soul brother, can’t wait. Martin

  • I have written comments twice and each have disappeared. Vito you have done a superb job presenting Pals Forever and we are all anxiously awaiting the second part of the Trilogy. Great writing and fabulous marketing! Go my soul brother, go! Martin


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