Best Songs for Sons and Daughters on Father’s Day, part 2

First place ex aequo

I’m gonna be like you, dad…

A folk rock classic. After his son, Josh, was born, Chapin wrote the music to his wife’s poem. The singer died a few years later in a car crash, and didn’t live long enough to witness the footprint of his song. But Cat’s in the Cradle struck the chord with many listeners, and many critics.

An absent father during his son’s childhood resulted in an absent man when he grew up, and when the father needed him the most. A heart-wrenching life story. It can’t be re-lived and amended.

But it can be prevented.

After a child is born, the parents spend time raising the precious being. Some more, some less. They all have to wait to see the impact of their bustle. Years, often decades. And often the results are not what they intended. Or the child is a perfect person despite their neglect.

But the worst feeling for a parent is not having a child around in the sunset years.

A warning for young fathers.

Happy Father’s Day.


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  • Very touching. Life slips through our fingers like water and we do not fully realize it until the water has evaporated. Thank you for writing as it spurs reflective thoughts.


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