The goals for fitness at 80

When I was 40, my financial advisor designed our investment and estate plan until the age of 90. It’s ridiculous, I thought. At that time, I worried about the next 10 years.

But now I know how thoughtful he was.

When we are younger, we don’t think of our health fifty years ahead. But we should.

How do we want to see ourselves at 80? These are my desires for social, emotional and physical accomplishments.

First my social needs

*Have family and friends.

*Every day get up at 5 am to brew coffee for my wife before she wakes up.

*Have my kids remember my birthday and Father’s Day. Sometimes with the help of my wife, but I can live with it.

*Remember the names of people in my neighborhood. And their dogs.

*Be able to meet a friend or two in a coffee shop, once or twice a week for a meaningful conversation, outside religion and politics. I know I’ve already mentioned it, but it’s worth repeating.

*Being able to prepare dinner, and deliver it to the neighbors when they are in need.

*Remember to appreciate people before they die. Better to tell them how good they are face to face than eulogize at their funerals

*Learn how to say no.

*Learn to give time rather than money

*Remember that the biggest craving in personal relationship is to be appreciated.

*Remember the names of people in the neighborhood. And their dogs

About my personal and emotional hopes in the next post.


  • Those who find and can hold fast to the traditional trappings of contentment are truly blessed.
    There are many who exist within the lyrics of an old song “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?”
    I reflect on my journeys through both camps. That is why I find purpose in spending time with
    those under hospice care. When a man loses his spouse he must learn to live in a far different manner than before and only someone who has survived truly understands. Rare are the couples who depart this life at the same time so it is very important to prepare for the inevitable. There are never enough “Mulligans” in this life. Preparation can be most loving demonstration.

  • Grateful for your contribution to the others. And the same time to yourself.


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