A Look Back into 2023 and My Writing Plans for 2024

It had been a tumultuous and an eventful year.

As I had promised, Pals Forever was published on Father’s Day.

The Resurrections – on Christmas.

My piece of real estate on the internet, witoldniesluchowski.com, saw construction of the great website built by liz@liztheresa.com and company.

Beautiful and functional, the new website is my megaphone into the world, and for the readers, the opportunity to sample my thoughts. If they wish.

And now, it comes The Eighteenth Camel, the last part of my trilogy. The tumultuous Muranos saga comes to its conclusion. The third full-size novel is back from the final edits, and waits the final work-over. I intend to publish it in the first half of 2024.

Next, there will be short stories. The Murano epic opens many plots, and not all had a chance to be developed and finished. Incoming short stories will feed these side trips. Some of them are written, and some wait already to be published.

And then, of course, a constant stream of blogs. These are and will be ad hoc thoughts on topics which interest me the most, at a given moment. They are all masterfully indexed and easily accessible, courtesy of Zack. Zack is also a hockey fan. We just root for different teams.

But writing is only a part of my business.

Publishing, is an entirely different process. It fascinates me with its technicalities, and a need for attention to the details. From Amazon only, I plan to expand and publish wide into the world.

Marketing is written on my third hat in the business of writing. Putting it on, gives me an entirely different set of skills. To do it right, I will need much help. I’m still looking.

And then, if you didn’t notice, there’s another window into my work. My website is bilingual. All the pages and blogs are translated into Polish. And so are my books published in my native country. The newest one, Operacja, will be available around the New Year.

So, it was a busy 2023, and I expect no less from 2024.

It’s time to step into a new decade of my life.


  • Congrats on a successful and productive 2023! May the next year bring you great happiness.

  • Congratulations. Waiting for your next book.
    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year 2024.

  • I wish You be Self satisfied with your work. This will keep you in the state of happiness this year and in the future.
    Ewa Skindzier

    • How many years have you known each other? I still remember Ewę Skindzierównà.

  • Witold, congratulations on your writing and publishing output in 2023. I enjoyed reading the first book of your trilogy, especially with your references to our local Chapel Hill / Pittsboro area. The second and third books should be excellent.

  • cant wait for the next book~ i envy you jumping into writing. i have done writing on healthcare but not so brave to write about something else. best wishes!

  • Happy New Year, my friend! May 2024 be as successful and wonderful for you.
    So many books under your belt..since we last stood around the O.R. table!


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