Announcing My New Website

First, it was this lingering and then growing feeling that the old website just, well, got old. We lived together for five years, and it served me faithfully, just like my first car. But then I moved on with my writing and the time came for an upgrade. I decided to trade it in for a newer model.

My original thought of a parallel was one to the dog, but you don’t trade in a dog, so liking it to a car was more appropriate.

But like with my Trabant, we had many glorious, and not so glorious moments together, and they’ll stay with me forever. I loved the feature where I could trace the country of the origin of my visitors. The reach of the internet is mind-boggling.

Of course, I had help. A dynamic duo of web designer and his wife, a graphic designer. Excellent, inventive photographer. And a copywriter for my About page. They all made me look much better than I really do. Here is the first page of my new home on the web.

The URL remained the same: We included the links to my about page, blogs and books. And a contact form for all your, preferably constructive, comments. Please take it for a ride. To my Polish friends––I plan to issue the version of the website in my native language. This should increase the reach, and, maybe, get me new friends. I am also increasing my presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Watch me roar.

But now is the time to go back to writing. I am in the middle of my third novel. More about it in the next post.


  • Dear Witold,
    The new website looks great and your picture shows a true you. I’m looking forward to read all of your new posts and follow you on the social media.

  • Love reading your blogs.
    So glad you’re doing well. Looking great.
    Miss working with you and all the rest but not necessarily the work. Ha.

    • Always enjoyed working with you, Tanya.
      All the best.

  • This is the perfect picture for the new website.
    Was so pleased to see my name in the last book !
    Thank you for thinking of me. The book is so very good !!
    My best to you, Bonnie & family.


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