The First Book in the Muranos Trilogy Saga.

Start your journey this Father’s Day.

This was my post from January this year.

Here is the follow-up. And the progress report.

My writing in 2023 is taking shape.

You may or may not know that I took all my already published books off the market. The Pandemics helped me reassess, redo and refine my works. I’ve studied formatting, publishing, and now I have my own publishing company––“The Renaissance Life Press.” My blogging keeps moving along. So far, I have published over 200 posts. I share these on Facebook, and recently launched them on Medium. My Instagram feed presents quirky and witty, I hope, pictorials, which complement my writing. They all express my views on life.

The trilogy of the Murano family saga is getting ready to meet the world. This is my Opus Magnum.

Contents of the trilogy.

In volume one, PALS FOREVER, Jack Murano, against all the odds, fights to develop the best relationship with his son. Something he always dreamed of. Mainly, because of the strained relationship with his father, who is in prison for murder.

Volume two, THE RESURRECTIONS, shows the disintegration of the Murano family. Jack sinks back into drinking and reaches the bottom with tragic consequences. Murano’s family is no more.

In volume three, THE EIGHTEENTH CAMEL, Dr. Murano, after an arduous journey, reunites with his son, but it all comes with a cruel twist.

The story, and the entire trilogy for that matter, shines a new light on the father-son bond. The sacred bond.

There are several short stories intertwined with the trilogy, and explaining some details not described in the main novels.

My plans for publishing.

I plan to publish PALS FOREVER on Father’s Day, and THE RESURRECTIONS on, or before, Christmas. THE EIGHTEENTH CAMEL will come out next year.

My hopes.

I will need a lot of help in spreading the news that my writing is available. Please let me know if I can count on you.
At the least, I wonder if you could let your friends and family know of my work, and direct them to my website There they can sign up for the updates.

I hope you are half as eager as I am.

Let’s start the journey this Father’s Day.


  • Keep up the good work in your writings. You have a most interesting perspective.
    I will spread the word.

  • So glad you are back writing again. I have loved what I have read. Would love to get your new books as they come out. If you could send a book once i a while, I will send you a check to cover the book and mailing. Have a good day. Sue Zacher

    • Sure, Sue. I’ll take care of you. Thanks for still remembering me.


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