Gösta Iwasiuk, M.D. a friend and a Renaissance Man

We had been born a few months apart, a few hundred kilometers from each other. We both have Slavic surnames. Both became surgeons. We had immigrated to the United States, and lived almost all our professional lives in Ventura County, just a few miles from each other. We even worked all this time in the same hospitals.

How cool is that?

And then, to top that, in our retirements, we both became writers.

Gösta writes non-fiction stories about his father, his upbringing in a region of Europe torn by wars, about his lustrous career. He was an academic surgeon and relished teaching the younger generations of doctors. He loves history, and one can see how the knowledge of the past can help us understand the present, and possibly predict the future. This applies to the history of surgery, as well as to political and social matters. His fourth book in the making will be a collection of essays on various topics, from the training of young surgeons to thoughts on an afterlife, evolution, human intelligence, Christmas, and dozens more.

Had I mentioned that he’s a veteran? A painter? A sculptor? A farmer?

A true Renaissance man.


I am excited about your writing career! I actually do the same. I have my own publishing company: Cutting-Edge Publishing, and have a trademarked logo. I wish you lots of luck on your new works and will tell every one of your achievements. I, too, have a website (gusiwasiuk.com) and post almost every week that then gets posted on Facebook. I have designed several books, mostly through KDP AMZN. KDP is so convenient because they print one book at a time on order. You don’t have to buy 1000. But have done two books through a publishing/printing company in China who are much more reasonable cost wise, but you need to order a minimum of 750 books. I also have an outfit that I have used, although they have not been terribly helpful, but I have my website through them: Monkey Media (j@monkeymedia.com) and they consult on cover designs and other assorted services for self-publishing. I have two new books coming on line, one was printed in China and came out excellent, Muses and Inspirations, with many color plates. The other one I am still working on (pardon the preposition) called The Chosen. I am actively looking for a distributor but have had no luck.


Gus has had a remarkable life so far. And now, he enjoys all the privileges of his retirement. He has time and financial means to do what he wants. But that’s not enough. You need to have interests and a will to pursue your passions. And wake up every morning knowing there’s something to do.

His website is gusiwasiuk.com. One can find his thoughtful essays there.

His Amazon page https://www.amazon.com/stores/Gus-Iwasiuk/author/B0072AAAQK?ref=ap_rdr&store_ref=ap_rdr&isDramIntegrated=true&shoppingPortalEnabled=true provides the access to his books.

His life was and is being lived well.

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  • How wonderful and encouraging to have a peer in writing and with many things in common from your beginnings on through your professional careers.


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