How to become a writer

The first condition to become a writer is to have something to say.

It reminds me of the anecdote from the stormy life of Napoleon.

Each time the Frenchman conquered the town, he expected a 21-gun salute. Once the expectation was not met, and the town was silent. No sounds of celebration. He called the local Mairé, demanding the explanations. The poor official came sweating, fearing for his life. He apologized profusely and then tried to explain.

“Sire, I can give you ten reasons we couldn’t greet you in your customary way. Firstly, we don’t have guns…”

“That’s enough,” Napoleon interrupted. “I don’t need to hear the other nine.”

Even the best written book is hollow when there is no story there.

First things first.


  • Each person has their own testimony. The things they have heard, seen and done formulate their unique perspective on life. We may be our own worst critic and discount our life in the aggregate. Every person has stories. Some refuse to share and they remain within. If they choose to share then they must choose constructive words in a manner that will connect them with their intended audience. A really good writer can describe scenes with words that paint pictures in the mind of their readers and stir their imaginations. Some books give knowledge for those who choose to receive it. Some books give understanding for those who are searching. Other books cause the reader to ask: “how would I feel if that happened to me?” The human condition is such that we quite often cannot control what happens but we can choose how we will respond.

  • Well you know a lot of Texas folks are about guns. As a child growing up my dad had a hunting gun. He used it to shoot amardillos that would tear up our yard and that was all.
    Margie Lynn


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