I am not confused, I am just well mixed

Robert Frost


I was waiting in front of the elevator after Duke’s vascular conference has ended. I pushed the desired floor button waiting for a car to come.  Then I noticed a poem displayed on the wall between the doors and started reading.  It was about flowers blooming in the spring.  Didn’t hear the ring of the openning door, but felt a tap on my shoulder and saw the woman pointing her finger in that direction..She didn’t say anyting, but nodded her head like saying “It’s your turn.”  Obvously she was going in a opposite direction.

I had barely a time to jump in before door closed.  The elevator was full of people.  One of ladies looked at me, smiled and asked :”Are you going down?”  What she meant to say was:”Do you know what are you doing?” I must have looked disoriented, may be confused.

I smiled back and nodded my head.

That’s what reading poetry can do to people.

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