The Best Way to Ruin Father-Daughter Relationship

Dr. Jack Murano waited for that day ever since Kate was a little girl. In his mind, he rehearsed the wedding ceremony many times. He visualized the sequence of him walking her down the aisle, handing her to a future husband, and dancing the father-daughter dance. Long before the wedding, he even found the song for their dance. The perfect song.

Life went by, and Kate became estranged from her father. When Murano thought he will never see her again, Kate sent him a message that her wedding was coming, and she wanted him to walk her down the aisle. For Murano, it was a dream chance to resurrect their relationship.

But then, during the excitement of sending his daughter out to the world, his old demons took over the elated father, and the wedding ended up in a disaster.

Coming back home, Jack Murano felt he had lost his daughter for the second time. This time forever.

Kate’s wedding is a short story from my series about the life of Dr. Jack Murano. The book has been published and is available on Amazon.

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  • If a person does not deal with the negative issues in their life then those issues have a way of dealing with them that can cause insurmountable problems for generations to come. There comes a time in each generation where one person can break that generational curse but it will only come by way of prayers and consistent actions. I so enjoy your writings that produce thoughtful reflections.


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