The Roundup, First Book of the Trilogy in Historical Fiction

The Murano family saga is my primary theme. Pals Forever is published. So is The Resurrections. The third on The Eighteenth Camel is coming out any day.

But the life of a cardiac surgeon and his family is not the only story I am interested in. I am expanding beyond the medical fiction.

My next trilogy is the story of a person who was born under German occupation in Poland, lived in the communist controlled country, and finally ended up in the United States. The book covers will be color coded: lives under the Germans – black, under communist – red, and in the United States – blue.

I just published my first book in the black-sepia series.

The Roundup.

In September 1939, Germany and Russia invaded Poland. Twenty years after its rebirth, the two mighty neighbors violently overpowered my country. As it had happened many times in our thousand-year history, the Poles had to fight again.
The Roundup is a collection of stories about a young family starting their life, and interrupted by the horrors of the war. Staszek and Iza met in pre-war Warsaw, making plans for a future together, and hoping for a normal life. Then, in the early morning of September the first, their innocence was brutally stolen. She never made it to her high school classroom, he didn’t finish his last semester in the law school. They had to witness and deal with the daily bombing, murders on the streets of Warsaw, food shortages, and the sights of the arrogant occupant showing off its power. The evil was everywhere. But something else had happened. In the face of all the carnage, people brought what was the best in humanity: resistance, persistence, and unwavering willingness to help each other. All these were punishable by death, either being shot on the spot, or dying slowly in a concentration camp.
The stories show that the worst in circumstances often bring up the best of humanity.


Hope you’ll like it.


  • Witold,
    I particularly look forward to The Roundup. You are hitting your stride as a book author and writer.


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