The Resurrections, Man and His Dog

As promised, I have a big announcement to make.

The second part of my trilogy following the Murano family saga is coming. It will be ready for Christmas.

In the first part, Pals Forever, Dr. Murano created a perfect family. Or so he thought.

The second part, The Resurrections, sees the family in disarray. Jack Murano kicks Mike out of his house for incontrollable drinking. After the wedding disaster, Kate doesn’t want to see him anymore. And finally, Diane files for separation. Jack is left all by himself in the house. The only companion remains his loyal dog, Boomer.

The retirement time is looming, and Jack doesn’t know how to retire. He starts drinking again, and shortly the monstrous habit interferes with his work. After not showing in the ER to see a patient with the bleeding aneurysm, and the patient dying, Murano gets ejected from his hospital medical staff. Facing the loss of his beloved dog after a horrific car accident, with nobody left in his household, Murano is brought to the brink.
Then a miracle happens. And another.
And yet another.

The story is about resurrections and how people, and animals, help each other in dire circumstances.
And about never giving up.

The Resurrections will be available before Christmas.


  • Looking forward to it. Let us know how/when we can pre-order it.

  • Add my name to the list of readers waiting for the release date.
    I am sure it was cathartic writing about a man and his dog,
    reflecting on the loss of your best friend, Bentley.


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