Dark times, Coming Home

Those were the dreadful times. They were trying times. Polish people were put in the positions, where there were no good solutions. Any bad choice, and you ended up with a bullet in your head. Yet people helped each other. Unspeakable danger quite often brought up worst in the people. But also brought up the best.

After getting the incredible chance to escape from the train a few miles from Auschwitz, Staszek faced another obstacle. The Germans retained his Ausweis. Not having the proper ID could easily get you arrested, to say the least. But he had to get to the little town in outskirts of Warsaw, where his wife with the baby and his mother-in-law ended up living after being mercilessly evicted during the total destruction of the city. After a perilous journey, Staszek gets there and finds his family in a two-story house, together with twenty other colorful people, all survivors of the carnage of Warsaw.

The series ‘Dark times’ is about people helping people during the horrific times in our history.

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