Why the Poles are So Sensitive about World War II

The Poles lived through hell. WW ll started in our country. The hordes of invaders rolled over our land back and forth many times. Comparing them to the brutality of Genghis Khan’s wild tribes would insult Mongolian animals. The inhuman 20th-century ideology was added with sophisticated methods of killing and disposing of the dead bodies. In accordance with the finest traditions of international politics, promised help ended up being just, well, promised. No other country in Europe gave a damn when simultaneously Poland was invaded by the Germans and the Russians. Soldiers were killed first, then the university professors, teachers, intelligentsia, artists and the country leaders. Then the Jews, Gypsies and everybody who moved. And yet, Poland was the only country in Europe where there was no cooperation with the conquerors. None. Until, in the end, the Russians imposed their perfidious ideology on us.

Here is the reason why we feel so strongly about protecting our country.


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