Novels or Short Stories? The Answer is – Both

The second book, “The Resurrections”, and the second story, “Kate’s Wedding”.

Imagine that you have a daughter. She used to be the brightest star in your morning sky, right before the dawn. In the delivery room, you saw her first, even before your wife had a chance. You’ve sent her to the best available schools. Each time she got sick – you trembled. You loved all her girlfriends and carefully screened the boys around her. You taught her how to hit the ball and got up early on Sundays to teach her how to drive in the empty parking lot in the shopping center.

Then your ways diverged. Your social views as well as the political sympathies separated, and, with time, she became more distant. The communication between both of you fragmented. She remained still close to your wife, but you were out of the picture. It seems that wife, as your daughter, also become more and more distant.

At the same time, your hospital career slowly withered. Diminishing skills, gradual loss of stamina – all kept pointing to your imminent retirement. You didn’t want to retire. You’ve heard that people die right after they quit coming to work.

So you return to the old habit – drinking. That old friend of yours, you thought, died a long time ago. But alcohol only made things worse. Somebody reported you coming drunk while on call to the emergency room. The Executive Committee suspended your privileges, your family left, and the only friend to stay with you was your dog.

But then, through your wife, the daughter asked you to walk her down the aisle. She was getting married and gave you a subtle sign she wanted you back in her life. There is nothing more you would want at that moment. You were thrilled.

However the bad things had happened. During the reception, in the company of strangers, you could not control your drinking. The wedding was on the beach and the weather was hot. Walking onto the dancing floor, you fell, and the groom helped you get up. You barely could finish the dreamed dance, which by now become a dreaded ceremony. At the end of the music, your daughter, for the first time in your life, called you by the first name and told you to get out of her life.

This was an end to your life, as you knew it.


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