Polish version of my website is coming.

Seems so obvious now but it took quite a few years to crystallize. With the advent of Google Analytics I realized my website is missing Polish readers. The English readership in my native country is getting better but my generation prefers to speak and read Polish. So, with the help of a new technology, I’m getting ready to launch a Polish version of witoldniesluchowski.com.

The site got recently a total makeover. I hope most of you like a gallery of new pictures and a better About page. I am also trying to be more consistent with the new posts. And there is so many topics to write about. With help of native translators I will be able to publish the Polish version of the website, the About page, Home page and Books description. Most of my past blog post will be translated and the new ones will come as bilingual.

I am still not easy with the fact of not being able to do my own translations. But I am amazed how much the Polish language had changed since I’ve left my country in 1975. There are so many new words, curiously mostly taken from English. Also my syntax is not up to date, of which I’m sometimes reminded while speaking with friends.

So, for the sake of help with language and also to save time, I’ll ask for an assistance from people who know what they’re doing.

There are some other changes to the website coming but I’ll save announcement about those for later.

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