Readers Appreciation Party, The Pictorial

This post is a followup on the one published last week. My daughter Megan Jurik took the images, Bonnie and I selected and embedded them.

Welcome table
The visitors are excited. I’m not nervous at all.
Martin Terrell, writer, poet, and a friend.
I wish I were as good a speaker as he is.
Kathy Flood, the artist and a friend.
Telling my story.
Making my case. The next time I’ll need a PA system. You can see Liam getting well-deserved attention.
A proud couple.
Hope they can read my writing.
Signing my book for Jennifer from the local Briar Chapel

I promised to meet again for the celebration of the second book in the Murano family saga. The Resurrections, The Man and His Dog will be ready before Christmas.

10 thoughts on “Readers Appreciation Party, The Pictorial”

  1. Nicholas Bednarski MD

    Next time PA system and you’ll need a bigger venue! Only two days till we begin our trip and I can begin reading your book!

  2. Teresa Niesluchowska

    Congratulations. Great pictures .Very proud of you. Waiting for your next book.

  3. Dear Witek, I was always proud to be you University friend. you belong to this special cast of people who would never stop until they achieve preset goal. I admire you for that. Keep working, it looks your goal is very close. Love Teresa

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