Readers Appreciation Party, The Pictorial

This post is a followup on the one published last week. My daughter Megan Jurik took the images, Bonnie and I selected and embedded them.

Welcome table
The visitors are excited. I’m not nervous at all.
Martin Terrell, writer, poet, and a friend.
I wish I were as good a speaker as he is.
Kathy Flood, the artist and a friend.
Telling my story.
Making my case. The next time I’ll need a PA system. You can see Liam getting well-deserved attention.
A proud couple.
Hope they can read my writing.
Signing my book for Jennifer from the local Briar Chapel

I promised to meet again for the celebration of the second book in the Murano family saga. The Resurrections, The Man and His Dog will be ready before Christmas.


  • Next time PA system and you’ll need a bigger venue! Only two days till we begin our trip and I can begin reading your book!

    • We may! Anxious to hear the reasons for and results of the trip.

  • Congratulations. Great pictures .Very proud of you. Waiting for your next book.

  • Dear Witek, I was always proud to be you University friend. you belong to this special cast of people who would never stop until they achieve preset goal. I admire you for that. Keep working, it looks your goal is very close. Love Teresa


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